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Immediate Press Release


Town of Highland

Eldred, NY

September 28, 2023


Town of Highland Deemed Free of Fiscal Stress

In 2013, Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli created a Fiscal Stress Monitoring System for a variety of entities in New York State, including Counties, Towns, Villages, and School Districts. This System takes standardized financial reporting information submitted to the Comptroller to create a Fiscal Stress Score which correlates to a designation. For more information on this standardized assessment visit:  Fiscal Stress Monitoring System Basics (

The Town Board, for the second year in a row, is proud to announce that the Town of Highland has received a No Designation classification with a cumulative score of 0 Fiscal Stress Financial Indicators.

Maintaining the fiscal stability and affordability of cost of living for the Town of Highland has been, and continues to be the primary goal of the Town Board, led by Supervisor Haas. Through prudent expenditures, significant return on our NY Class Investment Portfolio (the Town has earned $100,000 YTD in interest alone on these investments) and an extensive and arduous budget process, we have remained below the tax cap while providing services for our residents, businesses, and visitors.

The accompanying graphic is the Projection Worksheet for the Town of Highland, which all are encouraged to review. The complete document can be accessed at:  Fiscal Stress Monitoring System Search Tool (