Planning Board


7:00 pm, fourth Wednesday of each month

Town Hall
4 Proctor Road
Eldred, NY 12732

Board Members


To be announced

Jeffrey Spitz
Norman Sutherland
Doreen Sweeney
Chris Tambini
Steve Bott (alternate)


Monica McGil
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Attorney to the Town

Michael Davidoff, Esq.
13 Liberty Street
Monticello, NY 12701


In order to appear at a scheduled meeting of the Town of Highland Planning Board, ALL of the following information must be on file in the Planning Board Office no later than 10 days prior to the date of the meeting:

  1. A written request, no verbal requests will be accepted, in order to be placed on the agenda for all projects and all subsequent planning board meetings (including those in which the board requests project return at the next scheduled meeting)
  2. Completed site plan and/or subdivisions and/or special permit application (depending upon project) submitted. (8 copies)
  3. Subdivision (survey) map and/or site plan map both requiring a minimum of 10’ contour intervals. 8 copies overall of the plan and the technical drawings.
  4. Environmental Assessment Form (SEQRA) submitted. 8 copies
  5. Tracking document
  6. Plus, fees as listed within the preference of the Application.
Planning Board 2019

Jeffrey Spitz, Chairman Berry Hafkin, Norm Sutherland, and Chris Tambini. Absent from photograph: Doreen Sweeney.

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