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Public Service Announcement-American Legion Ambulance Corps

The Town of Highland contracts with the American Legion Ambulance Corps to provide volunteer medical services to the residents of the Town and the many travelers through and visitors to the area. The service of the volunteer EMTs, paramedics, drivers, etc. is an asset to the Town that cannot be enumerated.

This press release is an effort to inform residents of the Town of a recent change to the billing for ambulance services that will impact Senior Citizens utilizing the ambulance. The American Legion Ambulance Corps provided written notice of termination of a billing arrangement with Mobile Medic Ambulance service prior to the billing arrangements termination in December 2020. Despite efforts of the Town Emergency Management committee to encourage a short term extension, the billing arrangement ended as scheduled.


How does this impact you?

If you are a Medicare recipient who requires Advanced Life Support Services to be provided to you by Mobile Medic (the area’s ALS provider), absent a billing agreement between American Legion and  Mobile Medic,  the ALS provider is unable to bill Medicare and will bill you directly for services rendered. The Town understands the potential impact this will have on Medicare recipients who receive services, and regrets that the American Legion Ambulance Corps was unable to continue its billing agreement with Mobile Medic, even for the short term.

This information is being shared as a public service, for questions please contact American Legion Ambulance Corps President Lou Pine at (845) 557-8915,