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Public Notice of Adoption: Sale of Old Highway Shop

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that on the 22nd day of January, 2020, the Town Board of the Town of Highland, New York, authorized the sale of 16 Proctor Road, Eldred, New York identified on the tax map parcel SBL 13.-6-5 (formerly known as parcels SBL 13.-6-13.2; SBL 13.-6-5; SBL 13.-6-14.1 and SBL 13.-6-14.3) for $220,000.00.

The property to be purchased is the former Highway Department of the Town of Highland. It has been determined that said property is no longer needed for a public purpose in that the Town of Highland has constructed a new Highway Building at 719 State Route 55, Eldred, New York. The Highland Town Board believes the sale of the property is in the best interest of the Town, which consideration of $220,000.00 is determined to be fair and adequate. In addition the buyer pays the legal fee of the Attorney for the Town and transfer tax/filing fee.

This resolution is subject to Permissive Referendum and shall take effect in accordance with the provision of Section 91 of the New York State Town Law.


Dated: January 22, 2020

By Order of the Town Board of the
Town of Highland, New York