Town of Highland. Barryville, Eldred, Highland Lake, Minisink Ford and Yulan.
Minisink Ford, NY is a hamlet of the Town of Highland, NY. The Roebling Bridge.
Message from the Town of Highland, New York SupervisorMessage from the Town of Highland, New York Supervisor

Below is are postings of agendas for the Town of Highland Meetings, posted as a PDF attachments before meeting.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, please download a free copy and install it on your computer.

Town board Meeting:


Meetings: 7pm, Second Tuesday of each month.



      January 8, 2013--Meeting

      February 12, 2013--Meeting.

      March 12, 2013--Meeting

      April 9, 2013--Meeting

      May 14, 2013

      June 11, 2013--Meeting

      July , 2013-Meeting

      August 13, 2013-Meeting

      September 10, 2013-Meeting


      October 8, 2013-Meeting

      November 12, 2013-Meeting

      December 10, 2013-Meeting

      January 14, 2014-Meeting

      February 11, 2014-Meeting

      March 11, 2014-Meeting

      April 8, 2014-Meeting

      May 13, 2014-Meeting

      June 9, 2014-Meeting

      July 8, 2014-Meeting

      August 12, 2014-Meeting

Planning board Meeting:



7:30pm, First Wednesday of each month.



To Be Posted



Zoning board meeting:


Meetings: 7:30pm, Third Thursday of each month, if there is an issue.


To Be Posted


Pervious Year’s Agendas



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