Town of Highland. Barryville, Eldred, Highland Lake, Minisink Ford and Yulan.
Barryville, NY is part of the Town of Highland. Revisit the D and H Canal's history.
Contact the Town of Highland, New York OfficersContact the Town of Highland, New York Officers

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American legion Ambulance service:

Chuck Meyers, 845-557-8915

Animal control Officer:

Fawn Scheider,  845-866-4137 Cell

                                             845-557-3305   Home


Lorry King, 845-557-6563

Attorney to the Town:

Michael Davidoff, Esq., 845-794-5000

Code Enforcer:

David Kuebler, 845-557-8203


Chief Michael Walton, 845-557-3489

evacuation locations / contacts:

Town of Highland's Senior Center
725 State Route 55, Eldred, NY 12732

Eldred Central School District, 845-456-1100
600 Route 55, Eldred, NY 12732

Town Supervisor, 845-557-8901
County, Richard Martinkovic, 845-807-0513

Fire & Rescue, Volunteer:

Barryville Firehouse, 845-557-8088

Eldred Firehouse, 845-557-6335

Highland Lake Firehouse, 845-557-8788

Yulan Firehouse, 845-557-8483

health Officer:

Linda Anderson, 845-557-8349

Highland Transfer Station:

475 Route 55, Eldred, NY 12732

Recycling Center: aluminum, glass, paper, plastic, and metal

Town Clerk:

Doreen Hanson, 845-557-6085

Town justices:

Honorable Anthony LaRuffa, 845-557-6453
Honorable Kathryn Sweeney, 845-557-6540

TOwn Social Services Officer:

Elizabeth A. Frazier, 845-557-8239

Town Supervisor:

Andrew Boyar, 845-557-8901

Deputy Town Supervisor:

James Gutekunst, 845-557-6047

Town road department:

Highway Superintendent, Thomas Ebers 845-557-6257



Town Board Councilmen:

Frederick Bosch, 845-557-8030
Scott Hallock, 845-557-6017
Jeff Haas (W) 845-557-8431 or ( H) 557-8215
James Gutekunst, 845-557-6047

Planning board:

Chairman, Berry Hafkin, 845-557-0815

Zoning board:

Chairman, Laurence Fishman, 845-557-6593
Environmental Council Chair, Amanda Scully, 845-557-0367


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