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PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that there has been introduced before the Town Board of the Town of Highland in the County of Sullivan and State of New York, introductory Local Law # 1 of the year 2017, entitled Town of Highland Zoning Codes:

 Proposed Local Zoning Law Summary


This proposed Local Zoning Law would repeal and replace the existing Zoning Law and Zoning Map of Chapter 190 of the Town of Highland Code. The proposed Zoning Law implements and closely follows the vision and goals of the Town’s 2011 Comprehensive Plan. It has been revised and expanded to provide more clarity and direction for property owners, Town staff and the Planning and Zoning Boards; streamlines the application review processes; adjusts allowable uses and associated approval requirements; modernizes definitions and land management tools; improved sign regulations; and includes a revised Zoning District Map. Consistent with the Comprehensive Plan, new supplementary regulations have been created and existing regulations revised to enhance protection of the Town of Highland community character and natural resources while also promoting compatible economic development through various improvements including the Rural Commercial Floating District that will allow the Town to consider well-suited commercial development projects. A streamlined permitting process for eligible solar energy systems is also included along with revisions to the Town’s existing wind energy conversion system regulations to promote the use of small scale wind turbines and related systems while ensuring the protection of the Town’s aesthetic resources. New provisions have also been included to allow for accessory dwelling units and guest homes in an effort to provide alternative opportunities to serve the housing needs of current and future residents, while ensuring the development is in keeping with the Town’s character.



The Public Hearing will take place Wednesday July 5,2017 at 7:00 PM at the Eldred Town Hall, 4 Proctor Road Eldred, New York 12732. The Public Hearing is for the updated Zoning Codes of the Town of Highland.  A copy of the proposed Zoning Law is available at the Town Clerk Office for you viewing or on out Town Website

Those who cannot attend the meeting can send written comment to Doreen Hanson Town Clerk,

PO Box 138, 4 Proctor Road Eldred NY 13732.

Comments may also be emailed to Matthew Rogers, Laberge Group:

All persons will have the opportunity to be heard for or against the proposed Zoning Laws.

By order of the Town of Highland Town Board

Doreen Hanson

Town Clerk

Dated June 13,2017



Public Notice

Town of Highland


Please Take Notice: The Town of Highland Town Board Regular Workshop scheduled for July 4,2017 has been rescheduled to Wednesday July 5,2017 @ 7 PM at the Eldred Town Hall.

By order of the Town Board

Doreen Hanson Town Clerk

 June 15,2017




PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: The Town of Highland Regular Planning Board Meeting will be changed from Wednesday July 5,2017 to Thursday July 6,2017.

 By order of the Town Board

Doreen Hanson Town Clerk

Dated June 15,2017





PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that a Public Hearing will be held by the Town Board of the Town of Highland, County of Sullivan, State of New York on Tuesday, July 11,2017 at 6:45 PM at the Eldred Town Hall, 4 Proctor Road, Eldred, New York 12732 regarding the filing by the Code Enforcement Office of the Town of Highland with the Town Board dated May 15,2017 containing his finding and recommendations regarding a certain structure situate on the premises at 188 Mail Road designated by Tax Map # 15.-1-68 reputedly owned by David Vuotto and Lynnann Vuotto in which report said the Code Enforcement Officer states his opinion that said structure is in much disrepair, may be structurally compromised and some portion of the building are collapsed, unsafe and dangerous to the public.

PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that at said Hearing evidence shall be received concerning the condition of said building(s), structures(s) and premises, and at which Hearing you shall have the right to contest the finding and Order of the Town Board.

PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that in the event that you as owner(s) , occupant(s) or person(s) having an interest in said premises shall fail to contest such order and shall fail to comply with the same,, the Town Board will order the securing , repair and removal of such building(s) or structure a(s) and debris by the Town and the Town will assess all costs and expenses incurred there in against the land on which building(s) or structure(s) is (are) located in accordance with the provisions of the Town ‘s Unsafe Buildings Ordinance.

Any resident of the Town of Highland is entitled to be heard at such public hearing.

By order of the Town Board of the Town of Highland

June 13,2017

Doreen Hanson,

Town Clerk





















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